ASIF: Lord of Storms

Seeds of the Storm
The stage is set

Benjen Munroe II was heir to House Munroe and was on his way to Pentos to secure a financial alliance with the merchant Illyrio Mopatis.
He was not sailing alone, he travelled with his servant Jimmiye and with two young Hedge Knights William Lorne who had recently come into his service and Brandon Storm.
The voyage across the narrow sea was relatively calm and Captain Seaworth saw them safe into port.

Not having an appointment to see Illyrio, Ben needed to gain the merchant’s favour. The three of them headed to the Guild of Explorers, a colourful building behind the market.
There the Guild Leader Jensen was able to offer them work on behalf of Magister Illyrio Mopatis, this merchant held a high rank in the city, which was good for Ben’s purposes.

The job was simple, head out of the city to the Ruins of Vel-Taer and retrieve a Valyrian bow. This would earn 20 gold dragons and an audience with Illyrio. So off they went. The continent of Essos was warmer than Westeros but they peresevered and avoiding the Dothraki they managed to get to the ruins with ease and safety.

The Ruins were fairly small and they managed to get past a trapped corridor and found three chambers. The first held the bow and they could have turned back then, but Ben’s curiosity got the better of him and they ended up fighting a giant scorpion as tall as a horse. With the monstrous thing dead Ben picked up three stone eggs that lay on a shelf. Stone replicas of Dragon eggs. He took them under the assumption that it would add extra bargaining power.

Not wanting to see what monstrosity lay in the third chamber they returned to Pentos and returned the bow and the eggs to Illyrio. This secured the Magister’s financial backing for Ben’s eventual return to Westeros where he intended to lead an army against his father who was ruining the house and descending into madness.

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